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Unplanned (A Reaction)

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The Gospel For Planet Earth
Our Reactions to the Movie Unplanned

I did not plan to watch the movie "Unplanned." I am already a pro-life activist. I have already seen a live (note the irony) abortion video and I never wanted to see one again. But this week, the guest sharing her testimony on our podcast, Elizabeth Harris, really wanted to talk about the movie as it is a subject that is close to heart and the issue of life in the womb also ties in well with her testimony. So, of course, I needed to see the movie first. That was a couple of days ago and I am still wrecked. If this movie was made to get people off the fence about Abortion, it does its job very well. I am compelled more than ever to pray and work for the ending of abortion and the rescue of the human beings who are participating in it. This week, Elizabeth Harris and Karl Gessler will try to begin to unpack the effect this movie has had on us. Elizabeth will also be sharing her own story of struggle, rejection, despair, and redemption. We know you will be inspired to love the God of life through this week's podcast!

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