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Two Fathers We Should Never Forget

The Northern and Southern states alike have always revered General Robert E Lee and General Stonewall Jackson. Without a doubt, Lee is a father of this country, but is he also a father of our faith? Recently, certain people in our media have vilified Lee as a white supremacist whom we should forget. But why should we suddenly condemn a man that we have long revered? What do we lose if we lose Robert E Lee? What do we gain if we retain his memory?

General "Stonewall" Jackson is also deeply loved by the Southern United States and respected by the North. Jackson gained his nickname because of his bravery in battle, which sprung from his faith. Should Christians listen to the public pressure to condemn Jackson wholesale today?

In Today's podcast, Don Hendrix joins me in the studio to talk about the importance of nuance in history and the importance of recognizing the greatness of these two men of faith and character.

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