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The Reason Your Christian Life Hasn't Changed You Yet

Some of us confess Christ and get baptized but still struggle with the same old sins. That is not how things are supposed to work. There is a key to victory available.

Christianity is nothing more than an intellectual idea without the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But many Christians are confused about it. Don't all Christians have the Holy Spirit? What does the Baptism of the Holy Spirit have to do with speaking in tongues? And is the gift of the Holy Spirit something I can acquire by choice, or do I have to ask God, wait and hope that I receive it? I've questioned many things concerning the Baptism of the Holy Spirit over the years. Recently, I tried to give my best explanation, and it seems that God confirmed my conclusions with an unlooked-for testimony. The bottom line is: You can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit immediately. Today's podcast will explain how your life can be changed by the Holy Spirit TODAY.

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