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The Fall of the Religion of Science

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

One of the most popular religions of the West is "science."

People on the political left claim that they are true believers in science.

People on the political right almost always preface their criticism regarding technology or medicine with, "I am not against science..."

We used to feel this way about being Christians. Not long ago, it was common to feel the need to affirm that we believe in God and the Bible publicly. The reverence for science has supplanted our fear of God.

Maybe it is a gift that our science and medical institutions are crumbling under the weight of lies and corruption. Perhaps the West will recognize that we have worshiped at the altar of a lesser god. Science is not equipped to answer life's big questions though we have placed that burden on it.

We have looked to science to save us, and it is killing us instead. The institutions of science have accepted our worship as the glory due to it. Now science makes demands on us in return. The "science" of today demands sacrifice and total submission. Maybe the younger generation will turn to the real God when it finally comprehends the human carnage "science" is currently sponsoring.

They say that religion is the cause of war and violence. Today's "Science" might be the perfect example.

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