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My 12 Yr. Old Answered The Tough Question

A young, white female protestor approached me with a question I have heard several times this week alone: "If you had a twelve-year-old daughter and she got raped and became pregnant, would you want her to have that baby?" I called my daughter, Karli, to come to join our conversation. I introduced my twelve-year-old daughter to the young lady with the question, and then I asked, "Karli, if a man forcibly got you pregnant, would you want to have that baby?" Without hesitation, Karli answered, "Yes!" The woman asked, "Why?" And Karli immediately responded, "Because I love babies!" The college student just stared at her blankly. It seems that it never entered her mind that a woman might want her baby, even though its life came about through rape.

Karli points at one picture of a baby in the womb

Karli's attitude compared to this student's attitude differ, most likely, to the same degree that their childhoods differ. Karli loves life, but this student hasn't yet found value in life for herself, much less for a baby that might come from her womb. The issue at hand is always the value of life. From where does your value come? Do you know that you are loved, even if bad things happen to you? Do you know that God is good and that He will heal you? These are the fundamental questions at stake. The person that knows what love is will choose life. The empty person, who feels unloved and unwanted, will have nothing of herself to offer another human being. So, let's end abortion by preaching the Gospel! Every life has value because God values people, even people who hate Him. The more people perceive this extravagant love, the more they will value all human life.

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