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Bloody Truth To Save Your Life

We have not passed down some essential life principles to the younger generations. Many of the most fundamental concepts concerning what it means to "grow up" have been intentionally undermined by the spirit of the age. Recently, I spoke with three white college students, two female and one male. They engaged with me in dialogue in front of our Genocide Awareness Project at Appalachian State, Boone, NC. The Genocide Awareness Project uses graphic images of genocides throughout history alongside visual images of abortions today to effectively equate abortion to modern Genocide. The young man among the three students asked me this familiar question: "If your twelve-year-old daughter got raped, would you want her to have the baby?"

"Yes." I replied, "On top of being raped, I wouldn't want my daughter also to have to live with the knowledge that she (or we) killed her baby."

"Why should she have to live with the responsibility of having a child at twelve, especially when rape conceived the child?" He rebutted.

I asked him, "Why do you think about responsibility as being a bad thing?" I pointed at the campus buildings around us, "There is nobody on this campus who gets paid for not having responsibility. Responsibility is not a bad thing! If you spend your life trying to avoid responsibility, you will only be a bad person. Why not embrace the responsibility?"

One of the young women (who had a black hoop ring through her nose, which I believe indicated that she was part of a Satanists group), joined the conversation saying, "if I accidentally got pregnant, it would be better to abort the child than to raise it with spite."

"Why raise it with spite?" I asked, "That is your choice. That would be your own fault. Why not learn to love your child?"

"Oh." She replied.

When we speak to these college students, we need to remember that they are mostly kids who have been lied to, neglected, and left to the wolves of our largely corrupt institutions of "learning." We are out here with our pictures because these students will never see the truth of abortion until it is too late if we aren't here. Neither are they likely to have another worldview presented to them other than the nihilist worldview if we don't show up. Our pictures and calm and loving presence represent truth, hope, and love. Some people will balk at the claim that our bloody pictures represent love, but how easily we forget the gruesome scene of the cross. The apostle Paul interpreted that scene like this:

"the Son of God...loved me and gave Himself up for me." Galatians 2:20

Sometimes the truth is bloody and ugly, but it still sets us free. Sometimes you must see the crucifixion before you can appreciate the need for the resurrection.

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