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Adoption & Authority

When children are adopted, there are special considerations to be made. The first thing to remember, once again, is that the spirit world works according to human authority rules. *When adoption is official on earth, it is official in heaven. And from the time it is official, the new parents have the right to assert their authority over the child.

But the fact that the child is under new authority does not automatically cancel whatever rights the enemy may have had over the child. And the circumstances that led the biological parents to give up their rights to the child often mean enemy spirits have rights over the youngster. **A child conceived through rape, adultery, or violence, for example, or carried in the womb in a situation of abuse, unwantedness, mixed emotions, contemplation of abortion, or abandonment is sure to be demonized.

—Charles Kraft “I give you authority”

page 213

*The same thing can be said for marriage. When you live together but without legally getting married, you are not married. The enemy has the legal right to harass you because you are in unwarranted territory according to God’s law.

**The circumstances of our birth, whether we are adopted or not, are a major player in our need for deliverance. Everyone needs a measure of deliverance because sin has touched us all. When you consider not just your sin but the sins committed against you by parents, peers, teachers, pastors, priests, neighbors, etc., you will begin to see your need for deliverance.

Nothing really changes. Humans have always been the same. In Jesus’ ministry, He preached the Gospel, healed the sick, and cast out demons wherever He went. We can do no less because the need is no less great.


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