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A Man's Religion VS. A Woman's Faith (The Story of Miriam Ibraheem)

Men lead the human race, whether or not the world acknowledges it; they always have, and they always will. Men like to boast of power, but such boasting is worse than worthless when the manner of exercising that power causes suffering rather than producing life. Miriam Ibraheem is one of the most courageous, strong people you will ever meet. Born as an Ethiopian refugee in Sudan, Miriam has known suffering all of her life. Miriam's suffering came from men who don't know how to be men. Her story illustrates the vital need for the Gospel in the hearts of men everywhere. But her story also demonstrates courage that will put most men to shame. In listening to her story today, I hope that you will better appreciate the vital protective and serving role that God has called men to play. I pray that Miriam's courage will inspire you to be as brave as she is. She inspires me.

Back To Jerusalem: Reaching the 10/40 window Miriam's Book: SHACKLED ➡️Telegram -

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