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Changing Jesus

What if you could change Jesus? Would you do it? Well, you can't so you might as well stop thinking about it. But what if your perception and understanding of who Jesus really is were to change? The life of a Christian is a life of constant changing as we get to know Jesus better. The best way to get to know Jesus for who He really is and instead of whom we imagine Him to be is by reading large portions of the Gospels at a time and prayerfully and honestly dealing with what we find there. There is no an exercise for sissy's. Jesus is like no other human being in the world and he never ceases to challenge. But He doesn't only challenge, He brings new possibilities and even new life! On this week's Gospel For Planet Earth Podcast, I am joined by a special guest co-host, Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi from Kenya as they share their thoughts on the Transfiguration and the Gospel of Jesus.

Changing Jesus

Who do you say that Jesus is?

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