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What Are Men and Women?

What are Men and Women?

What does it mean to be human? Are we a random collection of sticky molecules that happen to be able to walk, talk and breathe? Are we more than the sum of our material parts? This week, Susie and I are taking a break from the normal format of the podcast to explore a little deeper into this question, "What is man?" and also to take more time to think through the ramifications of the actions and attitudes of Jesus concerning the women involved in His Kingdom of God movement in Luke 8. What did Jesus think about gender roles? Would Jesus be at the Women's marches or promoting the N.ational O.rginization of W.omen? Does this have anything to do with Jesus' Gospel message? You will have to listen to find out what we think. Cause I am sure not committing it to print! Just kidding. I've already committed more to print than what most people would think is wise. We hope you enjoy this week's podcast! If you do, take a minute to say "hi" and tell us why you listen to The Gospel For Planet Earth, or ask us a question! We'd love to hear from you!

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