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The Barren Woman (Luke 1)

The Barren Woman

The Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 3:22), but you might have guessed a Stork by the way people are unexpectedly expecting in the opening stories of his Gospel. But the story of a barren woman suddenly becoming pregnant is not an unfamiliar one to the people of Israel, find out why and what it all means in this week’s Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast! Plus, find out the story behind the Christmas Carol “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and discover some amazing Old Testament-like, bizarre, acts of God in recent days in Asia! And maybe, just maybe, you might learn a bit more of what Christmas is all about in the process! Even the doctrine of Election found it's way into this week's episode! That is always exciting in various ways...So, enjoy Christmas shopping as you listen and celebrate the Advent of our God! Don’t forget to “like” and “share” and leave a comment! Find more podcasts and music at

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