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Overcoming Fear

Halloween is here and all over the country people are celebrating horrible things...and candy. I don't know what the appeal of horror actually is, but as much as we seem to enjoy horror as entertainment this time of year, the truth is that most of us live with a great amount of unspoken or un-articulated fear on a day to day basis. Fear is a deadly poison to the human being and a detriment to those of us who desire to follow Jesus. On this week's podcast, and for the next several podcasts, we will be going inside the "We Will Not Fear Tour" as we make our way straight across the United States and back on a faith-inspired mission trip. We are trying to face our fears and demonstrate that Jesus is greater than them all! He is the Victor! This week's stop is in Kansas with my Brother and Sister-in-Law as we talk about what scares us the most! Be sure to comment and tells us what fears you have, or even better, what fears over which God has given you victory!

Overcoming Fear

"Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing" Psalm 37:8

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