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Fishing, Bikinis, and Feminists

Where is a good feminist when you need one?!

I was going into the grocery store today when the monthly fishing magazine near the door caught me eye. Naturally, this was because the magazine featured a woman in a string bikini holding two large fish on a boat. I say that this caught my eye because naturally, I was designed to be attracted to a woman's body, but I can't say that there was anything terribly natural about the picture. I don't know if there are too many women in the world who want to hold stinky, fish with sharp fins while wearing a string bikini. Obviously, this picture was ready made for a man, combining a man's love for women with a man's love for fishing. Perfect...for a man...without convictions. Now, I am not suggesting that there are no women in real life who will fish while wearing a bikini. That is not the point. The point is that the only reason a woman would do this is because she is seeking to attract the attention of a man. Certainly there are better outfits that are more conducive to fishing. This girl is on the magazine simply because she sells. And what is she selling? Her body. Well, to be more exact, she is selling the idea of her body. In this way, she can sell herself multiple times to multiple men simultaneously. She cause young boys to think erotically before the due time and she causes men to be dissatisfied with their wives, and she helps men to think of women as sexual objects instead of humans, all for the sake of money, power, and attention from males. Isn't this type of exploitation what the feminist movement set out to conquer? Where are they?

I realize, or course, that I could attach the picture that I am talking about to this blog and more people would read it (I've heard multiple men say that they get the Playboy magazine to read the articles), but that would indeed be the exploitation that I am talking about. I refuse to do this because I am, apparently, a good feminist.

Now if you will excuse me, I think my wife is serving breakfast in the kitchen...

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