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Gay Christians?

Can you be Gay and Christian?

This question has always been absurd to me. Where did we ever get the idea that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible? Nevertheless, is seems that many Christians today are in doubt about how to answer this question. The truth be told, many people within our christian culture seem to be unable to define proper sexual behavior at all. It seems that our culture wants to say, "Is any sexual practice illegitimate?" and many want to answer with a loud "NO!" But the silent majority is struggling, searching and hoping for answers. No boundaries is a reality and for good reason. A country without borders is a country that is about to be invaded by an enemy. How do we discern what is proper sexual behavior? In this week's podcast Karl talks with David Arthur who spent over 30 years of his life, previously, in homosexuality and transgender-ism. You can hear more of David's story here and you can purchase his book here.

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