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Discovering "Western Pornography"

Dr. Yang never even knew there was something called “a Bible” until He was twenty years old and in college… Hung Yang grew up in communist China in the 1970s. Dr. Yang is now a citizen of the United States and teaches in a US University but before that, he was a loyal member of the Chinese Communist Party because he did not know that there was anything else to be. The young Dr. Yang did not even know that there was a book called “The Bible” until he was 20 years old and was studying English literature in a Communist school. The Bible is a highly restricted and sometimes forbidden book in China even today but especially in the late 70s and early 80s, Bibles were virtually non-existent in China. Dr. Yang would never have known about the Bible either had not Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and a few other English authors referred to the Holy scriptures in their literature. These minor references were enough to stir the young Dr. Yang’s interest. When he asked his teacher about the Bible he was rebuked and warned that it would be “dangerous” to inquire about that book! Dr. Yang was told that he must ask the head of the school if he really wanted to know something about the Bible, but it could get him in trouble…

Discovering Western Pornography

Dr. Yang persisted in seeking permission to have access to a Bible, all the while, he had to insist that it was for academic purposes only. Finally, the school master consented under the condition that Dr. Yang would only be allowed to have the Bible for two weeks and he must sign a paper promising to read the Bible for academic purposes only! Dr. Yang was then led to a secret room in the school, (a room he never knew existed!), in which there was a library for the books banned by the Communist government. After searching for a couple of hours, Hung Yang finally found what he was looking for in a box marked “Western Pornography”. In this box, Dr. Yang found an old, moldy, King James Bible with some missing pages which he then studied, (for academic purposes only of course!), for two weeks. What a dangerous book the Bible must be that this Communists country should fear it so much! Dr. Yang had been a loyal Communist member all of his life and yet the Communist government did not trust in the ideological power of Communism to be able to hold Yang’s loyalty should he be allowed to study the Bible for any more than two weeks! The Cross is still a greater power than any ideology of man! Find out what the knowledge of the gospel did for Dr. Yang but listening to this podcast.

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