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“We Accept”… a Sorry Definition of Love Richard Wurmbrand, who spent 14 years in Communist prisons in Romania, said that one Communist textbook gave this definition of a kiss: “A kiss is the approach of two pairs of lips, with reciprocal transmission of microbes and carbon dioxide.” The Atheistic/Communistic worldview has no use for anything other than the material. Love and compassion are muzzled in the face of cold, hard, materialism. This is why, as Richard also pointed out: “The love, the longing, or the falsity of the kiss has no place in (this) philosophy.” Our current culture faces a similar kind of problem coming from a slightly different angle. The worldview of our current culture, which has increasingly become an Atheistic worldview, teaches us to follow our impulses to find out our true identity. We are like animals who follow our instinctive feelings, (One popular and vulgar song, “Animal”, describes that very thing in no uncertain terms). In the end, there is no motivation of love, only impulse. Letting go and doing what seems to come naturally is considered to be “who you really are.” Which is true, of course, once you have done it. After that, the shame of what we have done is used by the same voice to hold us in bondage to our practiced behavior and we continue to insist that “this is who I really am” in order to cover up our shame. But this doesn’t have to be who we really are. There is a way out and way to become what we were created to be. During the most recent Super Bowl, I saw an advertisement which amounts to nothing less than propaganda which stated that “no matter who you love, or who you worship” everyone is beautiful and acceptable (#WeAccept). Who could argue with that? It sounds so very reasonable and tolerant but it is not. It has often been said, you become like what you worship. In fact, who you worship ultimately defines who you are. Are you the product of the random collision of atoms or the design of a creator? What you believe about this will decide whether or not your life has purpose. But leaving that questions aside for the moment, I would like to challenge this very bad definition of “love”.

Obviously, loving someone has never been a problem in the world. But sexual immorality such as sexual relations outside of marriage, sexual relations with someone else’s spouse, homosexuality, and many other sexual practices have been considered to be wrong behavior until very recently in our country’s history. The people who put together this Super Bowl video are clearly making a reference to the “gay issue”. To put it bluntly, this commercial, along with a lot of other modern language concerning sexuality, defines love as sex. Whom you have sex with is apparently whom you “love”. But if love is sex, (can you be homosexual without practicing sexual relations? No. That would not be homosexuality. That we be called being “friends”.), then the Beatles got it wrong when they sang:

“I don’t care too much for money, ‘cause money can’t buy you love…” As any man knows, there is always a Red Light district where “love” can be purchased rather cheaply. Oddly enough, the objects of this poured out “love” are often locked in their bedrooms at night and forced to “love” many different men (or women) in a single night. Outside of window-dressed, sanitized, Super Bowl Commercials, we don’t usually call this activity “love” but sexual abuse and slavery. So which is it? Define love for me and we will discover what the proper place of sex actually is. So go ahead and define it for me. Or define it for yourself. Trying writing down your definition of love and seeing if it actually makes consistent moral sense. I will venture to say that ALL sexual activity outside of true love is sexual abuse. True love is commitment, faithfulness and truthfulness. True love is keeping your word. True love is self-giving, seeking the benefit of the other before yourself. And true love can only be had when we are willing to receive truth in general. Truth has a name, and His name is Jesus, the image of God. We were made to reflect God’s image and until we become reconciled to Him again, we can never truly love, for God is love. We need a sexual revolution in this country. We need to put an end to the sexual abuse and sexual slavery in this country, so we can reinstall Love as King! Then we will become not who we really are, but who we were really meant to be, the difference between life and death. You were made to reflect God’s image. When you are born again by the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, given through Jesus, you become who you were really made to be. Until then, you are simply at the mercy of those who want to define you in such a way as to exploit you. Don’t trust everyone who says #WeAccept you; loan sharks do the same thing.

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