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Sexual License Undermines Freedom

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I recently met a young man in WalMart who was wearing a shirt that said, in rainbow-colored letters, “Rebel.” He seemed mild-mannered enough, so I asked him if he was really a rebel. He gave a nervous, almost apologetic smile and said: “I guess so.” So I asked him, “against what are you rebelling?” “Freedom,” he said. “You are rebelling against freedom?” I asked, knowing that he had spoken carelessly and wasn’t rebelling against freedom, but I wanted him to articulate what it was against which he was rebelling. “I mean for freedom,” he said. “For freedom to do what?” I continued. “Freedom to be ourselves,” he replied. Officially, America has never had any laws against persons being individuals. Instead, it is particular practices of individuals that are deemed to be damaging to society that are outlawed. I didn’t press this young man further, but I probably should have because he has been served a lie about the “freedom” he is ushering in.

Throughout the Northwestern United States, there are warning signs posted by the government, which declare that all boats of any kind must get examined before entering the public waters. This requirement is because an invasive species of non-native creatures are being imported into lakes accidentally through boats from outside the natural habitat. Invasive species will take over a new environment by merely making other species unable to coexist with them. They will fight, corrupt, and eat their way into dominance. Hefty fines are waiting for fishermen, recreational boaters, or commercial boaters who ignore or are otherwise neglectful of the order. In the United States, an invasive species is being brought in on the bottoms of not boats but words used carelessly and thoughtlessly. Words like “freedom” and “love”. And the name of this invasive species is “the State.”

Our military has popularized a slogan that says, “freedom is never free.” In other words, you weren’t born with freedom -sacrifices had to be made to create space for your freedom. Certain people connected to certain ideologies and values, which hindered that freedom had to be kept out. One man’s freedom is another man’s restraint. So, whose freedom are we going to protect and whose liberty will we restrain?

The current LGBTQ agenda advances under the guise of freedom. But this new freedom to practice unlimited variations of sexual acts impinges on my freedom to raise a nuclear family under the legal protection and nurture of our community. The only value promoted by the LGBTQ movement is the freedom to engage in any and every form of sexual activity without restraint or critique. The core supporting principle of the nuclear family is that ALL sex outside of a monogamous, life-long marriage between one man and one woman is an offense and a threat to the family and the community. The freedom to practice the sexual ethic required to preserve the nuclear family is itself the most significant threat and obstacle to the one libertarian value of the LGBTQ movement. Therefore, if we as a nation choose to support the LGBTQ movement, we are undermining the sexual ethic required to protect the nuclear family, which is the foundation of our society.

Sexual boundaries are necessary for the perpetuation of the human race and the preservation of civilization. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, to be “civilized” is to be “adequate in courtesy or politeness”. In other words, a civilized society is a well-ordered society. Order is impossible without boundaries. The nuclear family is the central supporting pillar of all cultures, as it is the only means by which the human race can organize itself into a reproducible form. Yet, the boundaries of the nuclear family are the very thing against which the LGBTQ movement is rebelling. The “Q,” which stands for “questioning” is the giveaway of this fact. Having your sexuality “defined” as “questioning” is the most non-committed and disorderly position a human being can take. It is a commitment to non-commitment. Boundaries are said to put a restraint on the freedom of “alternative” (an overly legitimatizing word in itself!) sexual behaviors. And it is precisely restraint that boundaries are meant to provide. Remove the barriers and sexuality (and the family) devolves into nothing at all. It’s a bodily function, like peeing, spitting, or pooping. It’s considered rude to do such things in public. But why don’t we remove that boundary too? Why not take the libertarian position and poop in public? Because not restraining the public pooper will destroy society. The freedom to have an enjoyable picnic in the park will be lost entirely. Without sexual boundaries, the freedom to raise a nuclear family in a well-ordered society is not possible. Without sexual limits, we no longer have the mandate to create laws and enforce them in such a way as to protect the nuclear family. The only thing we are required to protect is the right to engage in sex of any sort at any time.

This shift in the priorities of our nation’s lawmakers has created a massive space for a whole new variety of laws aimed to produce an entirely different form of society than anything Americans have known before. Many people are waving the rainbow flag, shouting “liberty,” “love,” and “freedom.” But without sexual boundaries to define an ideal society, anarchy is far more likely the result of our present path, which is always followed by tyranny. The world cannot live long in chaos and we will quickly latch on to any strong leader who can re-establish some order. Chaos creates a power vacuum. At the end of this LGBTQ movement, nobody will have freedom.

The first voice to be silenced to create space for this sexual license is the voice of the Christian conscience; people like myself who believe that God has created human beings for a purpose and not for moral and sexual disorder. It is people like me who are the first to lose our freedoms. The new freedom cannot coexist with my conviction that God has ordained sexuality for a good and particular purpose and not for wild and random practices. Therefore, one of us has to go. It is at this point that we must turn around and face our new master. We founded our country on Judeo-Christian principles, and if God is no longer going to be the authority on sexuality, who is? Who will fill the vacuum left by the ousting of God? The liberator can soon become the dictator, and who is the liberator responsible for keeping God out of our bedrooms (or whenever sexual activity happens in these chaotic days)? It is none other than the State. Who is now assuming the responsibility to protect this sexual “liberation”? Is it not the public schools, the courts, the police, the congress, and the president? The State has filled the vacuum left by the ousting of God. Now right and wrong will be determined by that select group of people who have long been known by their reputation for wisdom, integrity, and competence: the politicians.

My right to perpetuate and protect the nuclear family in word and deed is being taken away from me by the State as it sides more and more with the LGBTQ movement. The liberties I once enjoyed will disappear. I am no longer free even to have a voice of dissent on the issue. My freedom of speech has been whittled away by a new law prohibiting this very vague and subjective offense called “hate speech.” Why is our liberty to dissent, and our freedom of speech denied us? Because it grinds against the new ethic.

While the State holds God at bay in the name of liberty, the State is now required to come up with all sorts of moral and ethical standards out of thin air. We are now subject to the whimsical and often contrary ideas and impulses of a small handful of congressmen and women. We have hired our mercenaries, those lawmakers and lobbyists who are waving the libertarian rainbow flag, to push God out and to “rebel” in the name of “freedom,” and by that, we have ushered in the tyranny of the State. While we are destroying the definition of sex and the nuclear family, we are simultaneously killing our freedom to pursue the perpetuation of a civilized society. It’s time to resist this fascist authoritarian movement by abandoning suicidal sexual license. It is time to invite God back and to repent of sexual immorality, and thus to save our democracy and freedom.

If we want true freedom for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, the official national position on sexual ethics and morality must protect the nuclear family. This kind of government is how God designed the world to work, and it is He whom our founding fathers declared has given us unalienable rights. If we continue to tolerate this abusive use of the word “freedom” to mean any behavior no matter how destructive, our society and our freedom, which we cherish, will be lost to the new regime of the State, which derives its authority and morality from itself. God save us. #LGBTQ #Freedom

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