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An American Church Hero Worth Imitating Right Now

Are you aware of Sean Feucht's work? Sean is a hero of the faith who is living the bold life we are all called to live. The Faith of the Fathers seeks to re-ignite the calling of men in the world. There are many heroes in history that we can look to to see what a man of faith looks like, but Sean Feucht is a present-day hero. You may not be aware that Sean has traveled ALL OVER the United States of America in the last year and a half, worshiping and encouraging believers to be bold and leading unbelievers into the Kingdom of God. You may not have heard about Sean because the CNNs and the Fox media corporations don't like him and don't want you to know about him. I am writing this little post because I think you should know about him. There are not enough Sean's in the world. I promise to be the next Sean. How about you? Don't wait for someone else to lead. Sean is leading our nation back to Jesus in repentance and worship right now, in Washington DC.

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