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Fully Funded

Fully Funded

"Your ministry is fully-funded." Have you longed to hear those words? Well, consider this to be your day! Your ministry is fully-funded. Jesus warned His followers that there were some things to be afraid of, such as "the one has the right to cast you into Hell." (Luke 12:5). But He also told us what not to be afraid of such as "What shall we eat?" or "What shall we drink?" or "What shall we wear for clothing?" (Luke 12:22-25). "Don't be afraid," Jesus said, "You are worth more than many sparrows" (Luke 12:7). Recently, I visited a couple of college campuses where I heard students say multiple times that humans are "just animals" and the world is going to fall into disarray because of too many people and not enough resources. If they would only believe this simple truth that we are "worth more than many sparrows", they would not fear the lack of resources. Western Christians, myself included, are often deathly afraid of the lack of resources. Many of us have deep passions for ministry but we are held back by the perceived lack of resources. We spend most of the energy that we could employ on the mission field with fund raising and waiting. There is a place for waiting so long as it is waiting for the right thing. But waiting to be obedient is not in that category. When Jesus called to Peter to walk out on the waves, suppose Peter suggested that they wait until the weather was a little more stable? Suppose Peter reckoned that right now it would be "foolish" and "poor stewardship" to walk out on the waves? Suppose Peter formed a committee to determine the best course of action? After all, don't the proverbs say that there is wisdom many in counselors? Maybe we could raise some funds and build a dock out to where Jesus was standing? Think of all the good that we could do if the people in the community could then use that dock and walk out to touch Jesus. We could also offer it to the community for fishing as an outreach... Does that sound familiar? I'm afraid that it probably does. But Jesus has already provided the dock people need to both see and touch Him, and it is the dock of faith and obedience. Jesus told His followers not to be afraid because they are worth more than many sparrows. If God will supply the needs of His sparrows, how much more will God supply the needs of His "more valuable than sparrows" creatures? That is why I say that your ministry has been fully- funded. This is the promise that Jesus is making. You will never believe this fact as long as you see yourself as the chairman of the board and director of your ministries. You must recognize that all real ministry, if it is to be God's ministry, must be an act of obedience and not simply the result of our own ambitions. We have many good ideas and good ideas come from God. They are given for us to implement. But we must recognize that the ideas themselves, or at least whatever part of those ideas are truly valuable, originate with God and therefore, if they are to have the effect of God-inspired notions, they must be resubmitted to God before they will have the effect of the power of God and not merely human. We must learn not to fear what humans fear, but to trust in a God who raises the dead, who heals the sick, who forgives sins, and who feeds His sparrows. Only real faith will reveal a real God of real power like that. Your God-given ministry has been fully funded. You are called to prove it. Are you ready to step out of the boat? Are you ready to put your resources to work?

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