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Trust and Obey the Gospel

"Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey"--- Christian Hymn "Trust and Obey" 1887.

The Gospel is good news, but that doesn't mean that one automatically, personally, benefits from it. The Gospel of Jesus is also a challenge for us to give up other Gospels that we have believed and to received Jesus' Gospel instead. And the Gospel of Jesus usually challenges us to live our lives radically differently than before we had believed and received it. Did you ever think that Jesus wanted you to do something that seemed crazy? Did you obey or did others talk you out of it? This week, Karl shares his testimony of how God led him and his wife to leave security in a "normal" life and trust in Him alone as they followed the leading they perceived when they were reading through the Gospel of Luke chapter 9.

Also this week, Karl interviews another talented Christian Rap artist,

1ne Chance

"1ne Chance" who shares a similar testimony of being called by the Gospel to trust and obey Jesus even when the odds were greatly against him. What difficult thing has God called you to do which requires you to trust and obey?

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