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Jesus Vs Pharisees Smackdown! (Luke 6)

Jesus Vs. Pharisees Smackdown!

You have heard of Friday Night Fights, but have you heard of Sabbath Smackdowns? That’s what we have on tap for you this week on The Gospel for Planet Earth Podcast! We are exploring Luke 6 and the Pharisees’ growing edginess concerning Jesus. Jesus’ radical kingdom vision is stirring the waters and causing some people to put up their fists. How will Jesus respond to their challenges? Plus, Karl and Susie discuss the past week and the life-altering changes taking place and…the books they are reading? Finally, David Arthur returns to share his story of redemption from sexual brokenness and an incredible gift of forgiveness that he received just over the George Washington bridge in New York City. This is a story you need to hear!

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