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Final, Thankful, "Secret" Podcast

Final, Thankful, "Secret" Podcast

It's Black Friday and I am late in posting this podcast! I got thrown off by the Holiday schedule. But I am thankful to have remembered it while it is still today. Anyway, here is a our final "secret" Podcast. We were and are thoroughly thankful for God's faithfulness to care for our needs as we traveled coast to coast this past fall. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with us and I hope that this last podcast from the road will inspire you to walk in faith and obedience to God's calling in YOUR life! Don't forget, you can find blogs and other podcasts on our webpage: Next week, It's Christmas time! We will be tackling Matthew 1, the Virgin birth and other Christmas-ee things! Also, I have many Christmas blogs cued up that I am excited for you to read! Thanks for listening!

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