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Stand with the Church

What is the best way to support your persecuted brothers and sisters? Is it praying? Giving money? Sending Bibles? All those things are very great and vital things to do. But the number one way that you can help Christians who are being persecuted is by being a truly faithful follower of Jesus yourself. In fact, if you get this part right, all the other good things you can do will naturally follow. When Richard Wurmbrand was forming the ministry known as "The Voice of the Martyrs" after 14 years of prison and unimaginable torture, Richard was shocked by the complacency and disbelief of most of the Western Christians that he encountered. Richard once told a journalist, "I have suffered more from the complacency of the West than from the Communists." A few moments of listening to the stories of torture that Richard could recollect would cause you to realize the severity of that statement. I have heard more than one person amongst our persecuted brethren articulate similar passions. It is one thing to suffer. It is quite another thing to discover that your family doesn't seem to care. Most suffering in the world is not first and foremost physical; It is the emotional pain that can run so deep. Questions like "Where is God?" "Have I Been forgotten?" Or "Do I stand alone?" cause more grief than the shredding of human flesh. And when a fellow Christian denies their faith, the impact on the morale of other Christians around them is immeasurable. We can see that even in our own country through the statistics related to divorce. When friends and family around you give into the temptation to abandon their spouse and family, the likelihood that your marriage will end the same way (statistically speaking) gets frighteningly higher!

Stand with the Church

Therefore, more than tending wounds, giving aide, or sending Bibles to our brethren; the most important thing that we can do to strengthen Christians who are being persecuted is to stand with them as they stand with Christ in the day to day details of their lives. Most Christians are not persecuted because they preached a good sermon or have a ministry with a big name and funding. Most Christians are persecuted because they would not compromise on the little details of a life devoted entirely to Christ. Therefore, stand with Jesus and you will stand with the persecuted Church. "Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist on the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm." Ephesians 6:13 NASB

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